Are you ready do have your baby?

Come and join us for an informative up to date antenatal class to prepare you for the journey of parenthood.  Anyone is welcome. You do not have to deliver your baby at Westville Hospital.  Saturdays as well as evening classes are offered at Westville Hospital Lecture room.  You can choose to do a comprehensive course that includes up to date information regarding the delivery as well as breastfeeding and the newborn baby.

Short Half-Day Course

Consisting of 3 lessons

Saturday 08H30 – 13H30

A short course that covers only breastfeeding and taking care of the new born baby. Suitable for mothers who are having a second baby or are having Caesars.


  • Coping after the birth of baby and recovery from birth

  • How to get breastfeeding off to a good start

  • The new born baby: Behavior, appearance, bathing, changing nappies, sleep, colic, and growth spurts, Burping etc.

One Full-Day Course

Consisting of 5 lessons

Saturdays 08H30 – 15H30


  • Emotional and physical changes during pregnancy

  • Relaxation and breathing, massage and coping with pain

  • Natural birth+ DVD

  • Epidurals and medical forms of pain relief

  • Assisted deliveries, inductions, C Sections

  • Recovery after birth

  • How to get breastfeeding off to a good start, latching, engorgement, painful nipples

  • Taking care of the newborn baby: appearance, behavior, reflexes, sleep, Constipation, spitting up, bathing, changing nappies etc.