Barbara Le Grange is a qualified Professional Pediatric Nurse (B.CUR, pediatric nursing), Child birth educator and also a Certified Lactation consultant (SACLC).

She has  been running the Well Baby Clinic at Westville Hospital as a Private Nursing practitioner since 2006.

The stress of understanding a young infant and the uniqueness of newborn behavior and problems can leave parents overwhelmed with concern and can be a really daunting experience.

My main aim is to offer a holistic service educating, supporting and guiding new parents through their journey of parenthood. It starts from pregnancy by offering detailed, up to date antenatal classes and breastfeeding workshops to prepare the mother to the art of breastfeeding.

After the birth of you baby I focus on offering breastfeeding counseling as well as general support with early newborn baby niggles as well as support with the adjustment as new parents. Barbara Le Grange


Barbara is the KZN Facilitator for Home Care by Discovery Health and offer postnatal home visits at the leisure of your own environment, should you be discharged from the hospital earlier than authorized days.

She also offers a telephonic follow up service for quick questions or just support.

Barbara Le Grange Pediatric Nurse Lactation Consultant Durban

Barbara Le Grange

Professional Pediatric Nurse (B.CUR, pediatric nursing)
Child birth educator
Certified Lactation consultant (SACLC)

083 785 5248